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FAQ Camp Booking Kumbh Mela
Every time we fulfill a customer’s wish, it’s a golden moment for us

Our camp complex will have a taxi or cab counter; you can book in advance this service for your pick up & drop from Haridwar Railway station or Dehradun airport.

Our camp complex will have a taxi or cab counter; you can book in advance this service for your pick up & drop from Haridwar Railway station or Dehradun airport.

There are two ways to book your accommodation at our camp. a. Please visit our website’s Kumbh camping page, fill book my room form and submit. b. You can send a mail, with your required dates, we shall get back to you with available status of your requirement.

There are 03 ways to make payments. a. You can make online payment by using payment gateway facilities (presently under up gradation) mentioned on our website. b. Issue a cheque or demand draft favouring bank details given c. You can deposit cash at the address mentioned.

Once booking made can be amended only once, only 90 days prior to booking date, subject to availability of rooms.

If you book a package, GST (Government Service Tax) is inclusive in the package price, However if you book just room, GST would be charged extra based upon your total billing amount.

No room service please, your all 03 major meals, morning tea & evening high tea shall be provided in the dining area during fixed timings based upon the day of your stay.

Our campsite will have round the clock security operation team, Security supervisor , Camp Manager and entire complex will have cctv cameras & fire extinguisher at prominent locations to take care of your safety.

Yes, we shall have the facility based on direct payment basis.

The reception area of the complex will have business desk with wifi facility and  a desktop computer with internet to help you.

Yes, will have a common locker facilities area where you can deposit your important documents, cash and our valuables.

Haridwar being religious place and kumbh being religious event, only vegetarian food is served at our camps, shall be provided during fixed hours only. No liquor is allowed, other drinks like soft drinks, canned juices, mineral water available on direct payment basis in the dinning or at the prefixed area.

You can visit the shopping area of the Kumbh mela, just outside our camp complex, visit nearby ashrams to pay a holi visit or there are plenty of recreational and religious activities, temples. Our camp manager will help you plan your day with best possible ideas.

Our camp complex location during kumbh mela in Haridwar will be in the radius range of 2.5 to 03 kilometers from the Har ki Pauri Ghat, the main bathing ghat of the river Ganges.   Our registered office location is South of Delhi, Dwarka. Please visit our site’s contact us page for exact office location in Delhi.

Our working business hours are from 10.30 AM to 06.30 PM Monday to Saturday. However our official mobile number works round the clock 24 × 07.

We are the only organizations, having been proudly participated in all the kumbh melas operated since year 2000 till date at all 04 locations namely Prayagraj, Nashik & Ujjain with  excellent service records. Kindly visit our website’s Kumbh experience page to see our credentials, photographs and other , participations etc.

To get the real life experience of the holy kumbh events, due to our past experience & expertise, die to our connections with the spiritual authorities, the Akharas, due to our comfortable deluxe and luxury accommodation for you. Our 50% repeated customers from abroad in each kumbh mela speaks about services we render to our guests who stays with us.

It would be 2.5 to 3 Kms in the radius range of Har ki Pauri.

It has always been a Vedic practice for people to assemble on the banks of a holy tirtha (river, lake etc) at specific astrological/ astronomical moments, to take auspicious baths and to sit together discussing religious and spiritual topics. So in a sense, Kumbh mela has always existed since time immortal, however great saint Sheer AdiShankaracharya revived it and since then it is growing bigger and bigger every time.

Once recognized as one of the largest religious peaceful gatherings in the world, the Kumbh Mela has come to be celebrated as an important Hindu pilgrimage. The mela brings to life, in an organic and cosmic form, a personal experience of the Indian folk and Sanskritic traditions on a scale never seen elsewhere, reflecting the ultimate sense of sacrality related to a place and a time.

In this Kumbh Mela, all the days are auspicious from January 14th till May 27th 2021 to take bath in the holy river Ganga. There are few dates (05 in numbers) known as royal bathing (Shahisnan), considered most auspicious for Naga Sadhus, other dates (11 in numbers) are again more auspicious from Hindu calendar festival point of view. So you need to be selective and attend the event based on your interest of bathing.

Akharas is an Indian word for a place of practice with facilities for boarding, lodging and training. Both in the context of Indian martial arts or a Sampradaya  which is a monastery for religious renunciates in Guru-Shishyaprampara tradition. Members of akharas although train under a guru but they do not live a domestic or homely life. Some strictly practice Brahmcharya (celibacy) and others may require complete renunciation of worldly life.

There are ten important activities you can take part in Kumbh Mela.

  • Take a Dip in the Holy Water
  • Visit an Akhada .
  • Meet the Naga Sadhus
  • Listen to Kathas, Participate in Kirtans
  • Eat at a Bhandara
  • Visit the ancient temples of the city
  • Do the Yatras or Walking Trails
  • Meet the Kalpavasis / fellow pilgrims
  • Soak in the cultural events
  • Buy Kumbh Souvenirs
  • Attend the Arti

Weather in Haridwar in Jan-Feb would be cold, temperature may vary from 05 to 20 degree, March would be quite pleasant, temperature between 20 to 25 degree. However April and May would be quite warm temperature may remain vary from 25 to 35 degree Celsius.

Naga Sadhus have become the exotic symbol of Kumbh Mela. They are a small part of the big congregation. While at first, their appearance may make them look distant, but most of them are actually looking forward to interacting with you. While there are obvious questions for them as they are very different from most people, try to understand what they are trying to achieve. What is their Sadhna? What motivates them to give up everything? They may be living outside the formal society, but they are always thinking about society. Their thoughts show their care and concern for society.

The main bathing ghat in Haridwar would be Hari Ki Pauri, however the mela authority is working on extending this Hari Ki Pauri ghat both sides to few Kilometers to make available more space for the bathing purpose.

Shahi snan is the central highlight of the Kumbh Mela and the most important part of the celebration. It is only after the completion of ‘shahi snan’ that people are allowed to take the holy dip. Naked Saints (Naga Sadhu) with their bodies smeared with ash take part in Akhada procession. Saints are given preference over common people. Shahi Snan makes Kumbh Mela Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Railway station in Haridwar is located in the radius of around 02 Kms from the Kumbh mela location, since it will be too much of rush, it might take 30 minutes to an hour to reach the actual Kumbh mela ground where most of the activities will take place.

Yes, there are several change rooms located around the bathing ghats during Kumbh Mela built by the government free of cost as well as by some private players on chargeable basis.

There are several religious places in and around Haridwar, kindly refer our below link to study more.

We recommend the following preferred mode to reach Haridwar.

  1. A) Flight to Dehradun, the nearest airport and drive for an hour
  2. B) SUV to Haridwar, although you will be allowed to reach up to designated parking areas only.
  3. C) Train to Haridwar, the last option as it goes over crowded & you need to make arrangements from Railway station to camp site on your own.

Only SUV are allowed in some part of the Kumbh mela areas, again it depends upon the day as vehicle movement of any type, even battery operated rickshwas are completely restricted 48 hours before the Royal bathing days/date, and this is due to huge gathering.  Even walking becomes difficult owing to gathering for example, in last shahisnan at Prayagraj around 20 million gathered to take dip in the holy water.

Yes, it is very important to book mode of arrival and departure for Haridwar to attend this religious event. Generally booking for train services starts 04 months prior to travel and you may book your flight sometime 07 to 08 months or more in advance, to avoid lat minute disappointment or waiting status.

Yes, we are always there to make reservations for you in well advance, provided you let us know following information.

Name in full as per passport,



Date of birth,

Date of travel.

It depends upon your spiritual thrust & interest, if you really want to see the essence of religious practices, processes and would like to be part of it, we recommend to stay for a minimum period of 04 nights.


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